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Център за подпомагане на жертви на сексуално насилие "ВСЕЛЕНА"

денонощна безплатна телефонна линия: 0800 18 017

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A disastrous situation is announced in Burgas region

Heavy equipment from Burgas Naval base and companies are involved in removing the crashed truck from the road Burgas – Aytos, which caused a kilometer long traffic jam. Most of the people who could not reach their homes tonight have been already transported and accommodated in Aytos. For that purpose a kindergarten is opened that has the capacity needed to take those who wish to be evacuated till the moment. Accommodation is arranged also in one hotel in Karnobat and three hotels in Burgas. Accommodated people are provided with food and drinking water. There are people who refuse to leave their cars and will stay on the road till it is cleared. Heavy equipment from Yambol, Sliven and Stara Zagora has been mobilized and is on the way to help the people in emergency. The blockade near Pirne Village is almost broken and it is expected that the road will be soon cleared for car traffic. A woman in child-birth from Medovo Village has been transported to a hospital. These are a part of the measures undertaken by Governor Valcho Cholakov and the staff summoned. A disastrous situation is announced in Burgas region by Governor’s order which will continue till it is normalized. Cholakov is on the accident spot coordinating the actions of the Regional Crisis Staff. Representatives of the Fire Dept., Police Dept., Regional Road Dept., Municipalities of Burgas, Aytos and Karnobat, Bulgarian red Cross are also there and work together for normalization of the situation.

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