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Governor Valcho Cholakov proclaimed the necessity of law stringency for stopping the nirvana “High Speed”

Governor Valcho Cholakov proclaimed the necessity of law stringency for stopping the nirvana “High Speed”

“The absence of penalties’ inevitability is the cause for most of the accidents”, commented Governor Valcho Cholakov during a discussion about the road safety on the way Burgas – Varna, held today in the Regional Administration.

“The main problem with the large number of road accidents in the country is not the road infrastructure but the infrastructure in the drivers’ heads”. According to Cholakov an analysis of the statistical data would probably lead to a result that most road accidents are caused by high speed of young drivers in powerful cars. The absence of fear of penalty is leading to non-compliance with the legislation. The Governor gave an example how Bulgarians abroad strictly observe the rules knowing the consequences.

Cholakov addressed himself with a concrete suggestion to Nastimir Ananiev - Chairman of the Parliamentary Transport Commission, who initiated the event: “I suggest that the Parliament renews the debate about the allowed horsepower in case the car is driven by young people. I think this has not been adopted as an alteration in the Road Traffic Law, because it violence somebody’s rights. In this regard I am asking how long will we tolerate the  nirvana “High Speed” of some young drivers endangering the health and life of the people.”

Deputy Governor Vladimir Krumov, Head of Road Police Department , representatives of Burgas Regional Police Department, of Road Infrastructure Ageny, of Burgas Municipality, the Chairmen of the Burgas Municipal Tourism Commission Jivko Tabakov, municipal councilors, members of Bulgarian Motorists’ Union and NGOs took part in the discussion.

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