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A meeting – discussion on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the First World War was held in Burgas

A meeting – discussion on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the First World War was held in Burgas

Burgas Regional Administration, Burgas Regional Academic Center, Burgas Regional Museum of History, Reserve Officers and Sergeants Union and Veterans of War Union organized a scientific conference with a topic „100 years since the First World War – participation and reaction in the present days“.

Main lecturer of the meeting – discussion was academician Georgi Markov. This event which made a start with a series of events related to the 100th Anniversary of the First World War beginning, brought together of people of different age. The hall of Burgas Regional Administration was found small for all who came to listen to the battle-field stories. Governor Valcho Cholakov opened the meeting. Prof. Dimitar Dimitrov - a corresponding member of Bulgarian Academy of Science delivered a greeting speech on behalf of its chairman academician Stefan Vodenicharov.

Assoc. professor Sevdalina Turmanova – Deputy Governor of Burgas region and Head of Burgas Regional Academic Center, Danka Georgieva – Director of Burgas Regional Archive, Vladimir Anignostov from Burgas Regional Museum of History, NGO representatives and citizens were among the official guests and lecturers of the event.

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