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Monday - Friday : 9:00 - 17:30
Saturday - Sunday : days off


Center for administrative services: 056/ 842 872
fax: 056/ 840 481

E-mail: delovodstvo@bs.government.bg

Bulstat: 000056757

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Rentals, indemnities and fees
BG86 UNCR 7630 3100 1144 24
Deposits and guarantees
BG60 UNCR 7630 3300 0002 70

Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

Българско председателство на Съвета на Европейския съюз

Festival - traditions and crafts

Фестивал - традиции и занаяти


Corruption signals:

from 9:00 until 17:30
tel.: 056/894 149; 056/894 112

Commission on Prevention and Counteracting Corruption

Център за подпомагане на жертви на сексуално насилие "ВСЕЛЕНА"

денонощна безплатна телефонна линия: 0800 18 017

Alerts for Disasters and Accidents:

from 17:30 until 9:00
tel.: 056/ 840 487

Alerts for irregularities on sea beaches:

tel.: 02/ 904 68 33


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Happy First Day of School !

Happy First Day of School !

Governor Valcho Cholakov congratulated teachers and pupils of Vassil Aprilov Primary school on the new school year opening. He did not miss reminding the importance of road safety rules observance and appealed to all who were present to take their responsibility on the road.

Deputy Governor Sevdalina Turmanova attended the opening of the new school year 2015-2016 at St. St. Cyril and Method High School, which was held this year in the renovated square of the same name. She expressed her gratitude towards the teachers for their work and efforts. Mrs Turmanova opened the new school year also at Bishop Constantin Preslavsky High School.

Deputy Governor Vladimir Krumov attended the celebrations on the occasion of the first day of school at Hristo Smirnensky School in Karnobat.

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